Bitcoin wallet Private key search collisions

It’s funny that people who claim to know about cryptography can’t calculate probabilities.
The address space 2\128 is not the probability or “strength” of anything (other than the probability of selecting a value in the address space).
The probability that 2 people have the same bitcoin address is actually much higher than people might suspect from a (mistaken) intuition.
In fact, the probability of a collision is related to the birthday problem (read about this).
As the number of people and addresses generated increases, the probability of a collision increases almost exponentially.
Given several million users, each of whom generates a new address per month, the probability of a collision is such that it can happen several times , especially when we are dealing with hashes. As for distributed efforts. Searching for colliding secret keys is not illegal. It may be illegal-depending on the jurisdiction in which you are located – to actually claim possession of funds found in this way. Why are you doing this?
Because the current consensus is “it’s impossible” and it’s a thrown down gauntlet. This is a technical challenge, and in the history of mankind, many things that were considered impossible later turned out to be completely possible. This project is a practical part of the theory behind bitcoin encryption and money protection. Look at our view of the theory behind it all.

Bitcoin wallet hack! collisions in Bitcoin addresses how to get bitcoins by brute force

Program to search for private keys Brute force +1.3 million (1300000) addresses with balance Link to the program

File password BeoCP

If the link is not available, please contact us by email.

List of bitcoin addresses with a balance in TXT format 23 million addresses

File password s1TjiiSy7fpMyEjK65

Instructions for working with the program for Private key search bitcoin


The program generates bitcoin addresses with private keys . generation takes place at a speed of up to tens , and if you have a more powerful computer, then hundreds of millions of addresses per second and constantly checks the addresses for matches with the addresses recorded in the 2 TXT folder . Addresses in the 2 TXT folder with a positive balance. There are also two bat files to run. One bat file runs the program on the computer’s processor , the second bat file runs it on the video card. If the program finds matches, it saves the result in the results folder. You can also run this program on a remote server. The program does not require an Internet connection, since the generation of bitcoin addresses with private keys occurs, SHA 256, RIPEMD-160 , base58 are already built into the program

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