Earn Bitcoins using your home computer without attachments?

Brainflayer – a proven program for finding a private key to a Bitcoin wallet!

How to earn Bitcoins using a computer without attachments?
Brainflayer – a program for selecting a private key to Bitcoin wallets!

The first wallet, where 250 bitcoins were stored, was found by the Brainflayer program a few Hours after its launch. – Ryan Castellucci, the developer of the program Brainflayer.

The biggest hacked Bitcoin addresses:

139 Bitcoins were in the “brain wallet” with the password “thequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazydog”
Wallet address: 1MjGyKiRLzq4WeuJKyFZMmkjAv7rH1TAbm
Private key: 5JF9ME7zdGLDd3oyuMG7RfwgA1ByjZb2lbswrmwm8zkbadflfcx

501 Bitcoins were in the “brain wallet” with the password “bitcoin is awesome”
Wallet address: 14NWDXkQwcGN1Pd9fboL8npVynD5SfyJae
Private key: 5J64pq77XjeacCezwmAr2V1s7snvvJkuaz8senxw7xckikcev6e

These and 800 other Bitcoin addresses were discovered by a team of specialists led by Ryan Castellucci. Read his detailed report.
And how many other wallets were opened by unknown hackers?

The same Ryan Castellucci “earned” 1800 Bitcoins without investment.

Here’s his report

What is this Brainflayer program?

This is a program for hacking Brainflayer brain Wallets. You can download it at the link https://github.com/ryancdotorg/brainflayer

But to start using the Brainflayer program and earn Bitcoins using a computer, you need to configure it, as well as get current Bitcoin addresses with a positive balance.
We already have all this. As well as detailed and simple instructions on how to set it up and start using it.

There are an infinite number of passwords and you can go through them for longer than our universe exists. Just imagine – any phrase can be used as a password. Passwords are enough for everyone and everyone can earn Bitcoins without investment.

But in order for the program to work, you need to configure it, find and import a database of Bitcoin addresses with a balance – which is not so easy. That’s what the payment is for.

Brainflayer is not a virus and does not harm your computer.

Brainflayer program for selecting a private key to Bitcoin addresses?

You will get a fully working brainflayer program with instructions + an Up-to-date database of Bitcoin addresses with a positive balance.

To download the program Brainflayer +29 millions of addresses with a positive balance


support russianpatrio1@gmail.com

How to earn Bitcoin in simple words?

In simple words, you can earn Bitcoins at home using a computer and the Brainflayer program.
You can buy it on our website. Fully configured and working.