Working on a remote server of the program to search for private keys from bitcoin!

The program for searching for private keys from bitcoin addresses can be installed and run on a remote server. Although the hashing speed is not great, only 400, 500 thousand addresses per second, but the program can check 1296000000000 hashes in a month. And this is on a free server. Since the number of private keys is not infinite, the total number is 69 zeros after one. And the program always generates random hashes. The probability of finding a match is small but not small. You also need to take into account the fact that one bitcoin address does not have one private key but a huge number of private keys can only fit one bitcoin address. Why? You may ask, because this is a simple mathematical equation. If the number of 64 bit hashes is divided by the number of possible bitcoin addresses, it turns out to be a fairly large figure. What does this give us? The fact that the chances of finding a match increase thousands of times, even with low power. This is the main vulnerability of bitcoin, which many intentionally keep silent or do not want to know.

Program smartmainerXXX 64 bit for hacking bitcoin addresses + 19 million addresses File password Toolkit8.0

CUDA 8 accelerator

Easier program for any Windows computers

List of bitcoin addresses with a balance in TXT format 28 million addresses

File password s1TjiiSy7fpMyEjK65

Instructions for working with the program for hacking bitcoin

The program generates bitcoin addresses with private keys . generation takes place at a speed of up to tens , and if you have a more powerful computer, then hundreds of millions of addresses per second and constantly checks the addresses for matches with the addresses recorded in the 2 TXT folder . Addresses in the 2 TXT folder with a positive balance. There are also two bat files to run. One bat file runs the program on the computer’s processor , the second bat file runs it on the video card. If the program finds matches, it saves the result in the results folder. You can also run this program on a remote server. The program does not require an Internet connection, since the generation of bitcoin addresses with private keys occurs, SHA 256, RIPEMD-160 , base58 are already built into the program The server link from Google